Malware and Its Removal: Complete Info

Malware is a severe threat for Windows computer and users who operate the PC for various kind of online operation and store several valuable data. On an infected computer the malicious program utilize system resources, Internet traffic and breaches privacy/security of online users. For serving targeted pop-ups the program tracks user’s web browsing history, geographical location, visited websites, hardware and software details and other activities made by user. After activation on any targeted computer the malware perform such malicious activities that make the computer more vulnerable

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Symptoms of Malware|Spyware Infection

If your computer has infected with Malware then you can notice several symptoms of this infection.

  • Slowdown – Affected computer works very slow and take much longer time to boot up, load programs and process any command.

  • Pop-ups – The other most annoying sign of infection is fake, unwanted and misleading pop-ups.

  • Crashes – With time, more damages by malware can cause crashes on your computer and you will see a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) regularly. It is a clear indication that your computer system has major damages and you should quickly look into if you want your computer works properly without any corruption or data loss.

  • Excessive Hard Drive usage – If your computer get infected with this infection then you can notice excessive hard disk activity even when you didn’t have use the PC for any task.

  • High Network Activity – On infected computer the user can also notice high Internet activities whereas no any web browser or program using online services.

Causes Of Getting Malware & Spyware Infection

There are many ways an online computer get infected with Malware. Below are some very common causes of getting this infection on your computer.

  • Careless Acceptance of Offers – While Internet surfing the get various offers like free scan, need of additional programs like flash player, PDF reader etc. If the user blindly trust on such websites and offers and accept offers with automatic install option then here is a opportunity for malicious program to get inside the computer.

  • Downloading Infected Software – Users often download free software bundled with additional programs. These free software may also port Malware on your computer as a bundled program.

  • Uses of Infected External Media – Use of infected pen drive, External hard drive, memory cards or any other digital device with flash memory can also easily transmit the infection on your computer.

  • Use of Pirated Software – If you use pirated, copy righted or unlawful programs on your computer then it can bring malicious infection.

Windows Scanner : Helps You to Keep Your PC In Peak Condition

Even if you are not a regular PC or Internet user, you might have encountered with term virus and spyware. As Internet usage has been growing rapidly, the risk of such malware widespread is also increasing. To cope with such situations experts suggests to go for well awarded Windows scanner software which provides powerful real time anti spyware protection. With the continuous evolution in its development, this advanced anti malware technology is always one step ahead of today’s advanced PC threats.

Windows scanner software provides a powerful and unmatched spyware protection from modern malware infections. It also has the ability to easily detect and remove trojans, keyloggers, worms, rootkits, hijacker, adware and other malware.

Benefits of Using Windows Scanner For Your System’s Protection

As the virus/spyware risks has worsened day by day, various key features has been added to the Windows scanner software to counteract it.

  • System Guards : This prevents such kinds of processes to execute which try to exploit registry entry or perform any illegal actions in your PC.
  • Interactive User Interface : On taking in mind the needs of technical professionals as well as first time technical users requirements it has an elegant and simple design.
  • Powerful Malware Protection :This intuitive real-time anti spyware software has been carefully designed to provide an all round protection to computers. It is capable to detect, block and remove rootkits, trojans, keyloggers, adware, hijacker and other modern spyware infections.
  • Network Sentry : It provides users to control their system network settings and prevent any malicious threats to modify or disrupt Internet connection.
  • Scan Scheduler : To perform schedule scan at a pre-set time, scan scheduler feature has been included. So even if you are not present with your PC then you can easily schedule the scan for some particular time.
  • Spyware HelpDesk : To assist users with any malware related issues a very unique and highly effective Spyware HelpDesk feature has been included to Windows scanner recently.
  • Exclusions : This enables users to exclude the selected objects from further computer scan.