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Rebooting Router Isn’t Enough For VPNFilter Botnet Removal

Few days back, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have issued a report which recommends that everyone needs to reboot their routers. The main reason behind this recommendation is that the team of criminal hackers that might belongs from Russia…
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Security Check: Top 3 Most Dangerous Forms of Bitcoin Mining Malware

Taking a quick glance at some of the key trends onto the cyber security during the initial period of year 2018, it is clear that Bitcoin mining malware has become a new target for the criminal hackers to gain money…
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GandCrab V3 Ransomware Released with Some Noticeable Changes

A new variant of GandCrab Ransomware named ‘GandCrab Version 3’ or ‘GandCrab V3’ has been released by cyber criminals in the wild. In this newly-developed ransomware, the hackers have made few noticeable changes which includes Autorun feature along with new…
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Minecraft & CS:GO Ransomware Trying Hard To Grab Media Attention


Discovered by malware researchers, Minecraft & CS:GO Ransomware are the two newly identified cyber infections which is still in-development phase are trying to grab the media attention just like the previously reported PUBG ransomware threat. Here it is important for…
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WhiteRose Ransomware Tells an Interesting Story in Ransom Note (Decryptor Available)

WhiteRose Ransomware

Cyber security experts have discovered a new strain of file-encoder virus named WhiteRose Ransomware which is based on the infamous InfiniteTear ransomware infection. After infiltrating the targeted Windows computer, the threat enciphers the specific file types stored on victim’s machine…
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Trojan win32/Tiggre!rfn : Another Crypto Malware Mines Cryptocurrency

As we know that, the attack of Trojan or malware spreads widely on Internet. The group of cyber hackers have discovered numerous variant of malware to compromise windows machine. Recently, they have introduced a new malware named Trojan win32/Tiggre!rfn. It…
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Newly Released AVCrypt Ransomware Disables Installed Anti-virus

AVCrypt Ransomware

Cyber security researchers have discovered a new malware named AVCrypt Ransomware which has been used by the hackers to disable pre-installed anti-virus program on the compromised systems. It does that right before encoding the specific file types stored on infected…
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