5 Best Secure Browsers of 2018

When it comes to using Internet, there are numerous browsers available that claims web surfers to enhance their surfing experience but only few of them are legitimate and secure. Using of right browser can make the huge difference to everyday browsing whether your priority is better security, faster performance or the flexibility. It might possible that the browser which you are using not be the best or secure browser. Here, list of some best secure browser of 2018 are listed, so that you use easily surf the web and enhance your surfing experience.

All facts that you must know about Secure browsers

Secure browsers are regarded as the safe browser that contains several security features including don not track feature, download protection, URL filtering and many more. These days, all browsers pretends itself to be a secure browser which means specialized products are now focused on user’s privacy issue, handing the back control to user and opting the data collection system. Each browser now has a privacy mode. But if you are looking for best secure browsers of 2018 then read this post completely.

List of 5 best secure browsers of 2018

1. Google Chrome : Known As The Best For Speed & Ease of Use

Google Chrome, it is one of the top most leading browsers used by about 80% of System users out of 100%. The greatest strength of this browser is it’s simplicity. It has an in-built extendable that makes its place at the top in browser ranking. It makes several moves towards the Security and it is pushing HTTPS.

Google Chrome is also regarded as the most secure browser. For the Security purposes, it uses two blacklists. First one is for phishing and another for the malware to warn System users when they attempt to visit any malicious or harmful website. It also offers the download scanning protection to protect against the malware.

This browser is maintained and developed by the online search and adverting firm, Google. It offers an Incognito, a browsing feature to prevents browser from storing user’s cookies or history detail. As per the secure browser perspective, Google Chrome is number 1 browser and it has very easy to use interface.

2. Firefox Quantum : Latest Version of Mozilla Firefox

In Internet, Mozilla Firefox is another most popular and widely used web browser. It has several version but recently it has launched a new version named Quantum. Firefox Quantum is an improvement on the previous variant of Firefox. This browser is regarded as most secure and much smarter browser that fulfills with several new useful tools.

The name of the browser is actually name of web engine that powers browser. It uses several processor cores and new CSS engine to reduce the memory and battery usage. These days, Firefox offers the in-built screenshot tool, a handy sidebar that displays the bookmark, synced tabs as well as history, a unified search and address bar.

Mozilla Firefox is made for hacking attempts where two hacking attempts were made against browser. It limits scripts on one site from the accessing data to another site and uses SS/TLS to protect server communications via HTTPS protocol. As per the security perspective, Firefox provides number of the security and speed enhancements that uses less memory than before. It also offers the Private Browsing feature that blocks the online trackers while browsing the web and doesn’t keep a record of user’s browsing history.

3. Opera : Regarded As The Best For Innovative Feature

Opera, this term has been available in Internet for 22 years but never claimed more that 6% share in browser market. It is regarded as travesty because it has introduced several innovations compared to other browser. There are numerous version of this browser but the latest version is 51 that offers several useful features.

This browser has an in-built a screenshot tool, an ad-blocker, a sidebar for chatting to friends, a power saving mode and a pop-out video player. For the security perspective, Opera has free VPN which spoofs users IP address and locks their data to keep them safe and anonymous online. In the speed test, Opera is second fastest browser.

4. TOR Browser : It Is Best One For Anonymity

Tor Browser is another secure browser of 2018. It has several feature but the biggest benefit is it’s reliable protection that it offers against cyber hackers, nosy parkers and the identity thieves. This browser comes with two most powerful security tools named HTTPS and NoScript that routes web traffic via series of nodes to conceal users IP address and their location. In terms of speed, it is slower than other web browsers.

TOR Browser comes with IP address spoofing feature that prevents site from learning their IP address. It does a great job of anonymizing the browsing. It anonymizes the browser activity and traffic for Internet-connected application on System. It also protects users privacy by routing their Internet searches via anonymous DuckDuckGo search site which is not capable to track user. It is very light and self-contained which as a result it is regarded as an excellent to use.

5. Brave : Best Browser For Ad-Blocking & Tracker

Brave, it is regarded as the best browser for the users who concerned about the surf web safely. It is an open-source web browser that offers the great speed and high advanced ad-tracking controls that makes it perfect and ideal for the secure and privacy-conscious. This browser includes the HTTPS integration, feature a decent ad-blocker and blocks the capture cookie.

The private tab mode of Brave browser prevents almost all tracking cookies around the web. It has streamlined design and very easy-to-use interface. It eschews the extension based model in favor of the nine preselected tools. In the list of secure browser of 2018, Brave is also regarded as the top ranked.

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