5 Best Tips To Prevent Cyber Monday Scam for Safe 2017 Online Shopping

Horrible Things That You Should Concern About Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is known as a frenzied day of the the bargain hunting and online shopping. According to the ADI (Adobe Digital Insights), this Monday is set as the largest online shopping day in the history. Actually Cyber Monday, term related with a scam that has been around since 2006. This type of scam started the head of Shop.org named Scott Silverman noticed that one of days with most sales during year before has been first Monday. Such an explanation found at that time was after weekend of window shopping, about millions of Americans returned to work on the Monday and select to purchase online what they actually liked. To know more about Cyber Monday, you can visit it’s wikipedia link.

Just like the Black Friday, Cyber Monday is also a shopping holiday that takes place on First Monday every year after thanksgiving. This year, Cyber Monday 2017 will fall on 27 Nov 27th, November. From the all over world, online shops will participate to sell the products at the amazing discounts. According to the researchers, the scam of Cyber Monday are growing in huge numbers each year.

Before purchasing any thing on these day, you have to remember that cyber offenders uses very smart and technical scam. There are several scams that stood out throughout because of number of occurrences and efficiency. The madness of Monday is projected to best last year’s record of the $3 billion sales. But you have to beware that there will be fraudsters and tricksters who sneaking around the each online corners that aims to scam you out of your earned cash.

Tips To Avoid Cyber Monday Scam

  1. Don’t do shopping on the public Wi-Fi – Team of security experts are strictly warned System user that they should not do online shopping using the public Wi-Fi. Because in this mode of network, hackers often able to access user’s all crucial data. Rather than Wi-Fi, you can use either hot-spot or data plan of your device.
  2. Use of unique and strong username and passwords – You can easily avoid the attack of scam by opting strong password and unique username. Experts usually suggest user to use random string of words, numbers or letters.
  3. Be aware of fraud links – Some of the displayed links may be misleading and try to tip you. According the the RiskIQ, around thousand of fraudulent applications and deceptive landing webpages that put several shoppers at the high risk. If any shopping site is designed poorly then you should avoid to use it.
  4. Use an effective 2-step authentication – Almost all email client application gives you option to pick up the two step authentication. You have to sign in your account with username and password but to secure account and data you must use the verification code so that unauthorized person cannot access your account.
  5. Monitor your bank account carefully – In this digital era, lots of people are purchasing product online with internet banking. So you should be manage your bank account seriously. Over the Internet, lots of cyber criminals are available to track your personal data and bank account details. Therefore you must handle your bank account properly.

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