Bushido Botnet Offered as MaaS On Dark Web Forums

These days, a new botnet malware is identified as Bushido Botnet that has been spotted on Internet in the wild. In the dark web forums, trend of Malware-as-a-service continues to evolve and recently malware researchers revealed that Bushido Botnet offered as a MaaS.

Facts That You Must Know About MaaS

MaaS abbreviates as Malware-as-a-Service, it can be easily defined as hiring of hardware and software for carrying out the cyber attacks. The con artist of such a server deliver the paid access to the botnet to spread malware. Despites, team of security analysts have also delivers detailed information of newly identified DDoS-for-hire service that built with the leak code. DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service attack in which several infected devices attack a target including website, server and several other network resources to cause denial of service for affected users.

Get Familiar With Bushido Botnet

After the depth analysis on sample of Bushido Botnet, researchers revealed that it is derived from the Mirai botnet. As Mirai, an infamous botnet. Its source code was leaked by hackers and it has been used in several record breaking DDoS attack. If you think that Bushido Botnet is a complete copy of Mirai then you are wrong because it has more options of DDoS attack than Mirai. This botnet compromises the users machine via different set of the username and password that also includes the list of exploits for several known vulnerabilities.

DDoS-for-hire Known As 0x-booter

DDoS-for-hire is usually dubbed as the 0x-booter. First of all, it was appeared in Internet on October 2018 as a service that allows anyone to sign up with them and easy interface to learn and use services. Similar to another DDoS-for-hire, DDoS attack is made via web-user-interface that avoid need for direct contact between bot master and System user. The control panel usually delivers a number of DDoS attack option and the cost may varies between $20 to $150 that depends on number of cyber attacks and time-period. 0X-booter us sold to the potential customers over 500Gbps of power and 20,000 bots.

0x-booter Is Powered By Bushido Botnet

Yes, you heard absolutely true. The team of security analyst have revealed that 0x-booter is powered by the Bushido Botnet. It’s MaaS has hit over the market on October 13, 2018. Experts revealed that it carried out over the 300 attacks with peak of over 50 attack in just few days. The daily number of attack is between 11 and 35. Researchers also revealed that 0x-booter services delivers targeting for layer 4 & 7 of OSI.

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