Easy Solution To Fix Mouse Right-Click If It’s Not Working

Is the right-click of your Mouse not working? Are you unable to perform any task using mouse normally? Looking for an effective solution to fix Mouse right-click if it is not working? If yes, you are absolutely landed at the right place. Here you will get an appropriate solution through which you can easily fix mouse right-click if it’s not working.

Being a System user, almost everyone familiar with the fact that Mouse has two buttons, left and right plus a scroll wheel in the middle of mouse. The operation of Mouse is mainly performed by two button. Left button is usually used when people tends to do normal click or simply just click. Most of the operation are performed by left button in PC but the right-button is less used button. However, it is regarded as one of the most important tool that provides the additional functionality to Mouse.

Right button actually describes the detail about what you are actually clicking on. People used it to open the contextual menus. Right-clicking on any folder or file delivers a list of operation or ability to display the properties. But what if your right-button is not worked efficiently. At that time, you have to face with several serious troubles but luckily there is appropriate solution through which you can fix Mouse Right-Click issue if It’s Not Working.

Helpful Tips To Fix Mouse Right-Click If It’s Not Working

Tips 1 : First of all, check your Mouse

Checking mouse is really one of the most effective tip to fix mouse right-click if it’s not working. Plug your moues into another devices to check whether the right-click works or not. If you have a wireless mouse, you can replace its batteries with newer one.

Tips 2 : Update Mouse Driver

  • Open Search box in your PC and type Device Manager.
  • Click on OK button to open the Device Manager.
  • On next window, click on Mice and another pointing devices to expand the peripherals.
  • To open the Properties window, double left-click your mouse and go to Driver tab.
  • Now, click on Update Driver option.
  • On the next appeared window, choose option of ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ option.

Tips 3 : Execute System File Checker (SFC)

  • Press the Win+X key together and choose Command Prompt (Admin)
  • In the Command Prompt, input sfc / scannow and then press on Enter key.
  • The scanning procedure will take about 15-20 minute. Wait until the procedure gets successfully proceed.

Tips 4 : Disable Tablet Mode

  • Go to the Settings option of your PC and then choose System option.
  • In System settings window, choose Tablet mode from left pane.
  • Choose Desktop mode under the ‘When I sign in’.
  • Alternatively, you can directly off the Tablet Mode from notification icons on your taskbar.

Tips 5 : Restart Your Windows (File) Explorer

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del key simultaneously to launch Task Manager.
  • Go to the Processes tab in Task Manager.
  • Under the Windows processes, Windows Explorer is listed.
  • Select it and press on the Restart button.

Tips 6 : Adjust Touchpad Delay

  • Press Win+I keys together.
  • Go to System Settings >> Devices.
  • On the next window go to Mouse & touchpad tab.
  • From the next appeared window, choose Touchpad option.
  • By using drop-down menu, modify delay time.
  • You can set delay to other values to test your mouse.

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