Simple Steps To Fix Error 1719 in Windows 10 OS

Error 1719

Windows Installer is a tool which is mainly used to install applications on Windows 10 computer. However, appearance of Error 1719 aka ‘Windows Installer service could not be accessed..’ means that something is going wrong with the Windows Installer service or any pre-installed program with the installation file reported as ‘.msi’ that won’t be able to get installed onto your PC properly. Usually, Error 1719 appears in Windows 10 operating system whenever the file of installer gets corrupted, missing, or if the settings are configured wrongly. In some cases, Error 1719 caused due to previous installation of any softwares, or Installer files gets deleted by mistake or corrupted after the attack of nasty system virus.

Uninstall Incompatible Apps From Windows 10 To Fix Error 1719

Some of the pre-installed programs on your Windows 10 computer are not compatible with the OS may be a reason for the occurrence of Error 1719. Installed anti-virus program or an encryption utility may often result in Error 1719 notification. In such circumstances, you need to check the recently installed programs to check whether they are compatible with Windows 10 operating system or not. If you found any software which is not compatible with Win 10 OS, you should uninstall them immediately or update them with a latest version that have the compatibility with Windows 10 operating system which helps you to fix Error 1719. In order to resolve such error, you can also follow the below mentioned instructions.

Important: To find the version of installed program, you should go to the Windows Control Panel settings, and find the version number which is usually located in the right-most column of the name of installed apps.

Initiate Windows Installer Service in Windows 10 For Resolving Error 1719

  • Open ‘Start Menu’ and then type ‘cmd’ command into the search bar.

  • Right click on ‘Command Prompt’ and tap on ‘Run as administrator’ option.

Error 1719

  • Confirm the action if prompted by your device to do so.

  • Here, you need to type ‘net Start MSIServer’ inside Command Prompt without any quotes and press ‘Enter’ key.

  • Finally, try to install or uninstall any program which is responsible for displaying Error 1719.

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To Fix Error 1719 Stop and then Restart the Windows Installer Service

  • Open ‘Run’ box by pressing ‘Win + R’ key.

  • Type ‘msc’ in the appeared ‘Run’ dialog box and hit ‘Enter’ button.

Error 1719

  • Check whether the Windows Installer service is running or not.

  • If the service is running, then right tap onto it and click on ‘Stop’ from the appeared menu.

  • If not running, right click on Windows Installer service and tap on ‘Start’ from the menu that appears on your PC screen.

Now, you can install or uninstall any software on your Windows 10 operating system and you will not be presented with Error 1719.

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