Hackers Using SMB Exploits To Distribute GandCrab V4.1 Ransomware

The newest fourth version of GandCrab ransomware identified as GandCrab V4.1 ransomware uses vulnerable web pages to infect the user’s computer with this malware. The ransomware has been spreading with the help of phishing web pages that are injected to legitimate ones. This type of web portals appear as a main source of software cracks. Although, GandCrab V4.1 ransomware is also equipped with a new feature in which it uses Network Communication in order to deliver the encoded data of victim’s machine to its creators.

GandCrab V4.1 Ransomware

Based on the research report published by a reputed security firm, the name of the web portals that are using for the communication purpose are set by using a pseudo-random algorithm which selects some predetermined words and then join these words into a sequence. After connecting the hackers with a newly developed web URL, the GandCrab V4.1 ransomware delivers the enciphered files along with other crucial system data like username, IP address, operating system and so on.

In addition to that, the ransomware also uses SMB exploit kit to infect the user’s computer. Using this attack vector memorizes the working algorithm of Petya Ransomware or other most hazardous WannaCry ransomware infection in which the hackers uses EternalBlue exploit kit for the attacks. During the last few months, the GandCrab ransomware has received various changes and developed another dangerous version of itself named GandCrab V4.1 ransomware.

GandCrab V4.1 Ransomware

However, the new features used in GandCrab V4.1 ransomware for the communication and distribution purposes makes a massive move in the world of Information Technology. Technically speaking, Microsoft have already provided an update named MS17-010 in order to fix the vulnerability. Patching is one of the best preventative measures that should be taken to protect yourself from the attack of GandCrab V4.1 ransomware virus. It cannot be ignored because any security flaws or vulnerability can lead to the invasion of such noxious threats.

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Meanwhile, downloading the vulnerability patches can help you remove any specific bugs, fix computer security issues and improve the system’s stability. Hence, patching is extremely needed because most of the cyber infections like GandCrab V4.1 ransomware takes the advantage of any software or hardware infliction. Besides, updating installed apps regularly can also help you prevent the attack of this or similar file-encoder viruses. This is because, the unpatched programs work as a magnet for viruses that will cause serious issues on the system or even damages the computer as well.

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