Ramnit Trojan Botnet Infected More than 100 000 Computers

Detailed Information of Ramnit Trojan Botnet

In Internet, the attack of Ramnit Trojan Botnet grows rapidly. It is rehgarded as one of the most dangerous banking malware that has launched numerous variant with undated feature to compromise Windows machine but this post is all aboput the newly discovered Ramnit Trojan named Black botnet.

As per the depth analysis report of researchers, Black botnet is one of the dangerous threat. This malware was found in the large scale attack campaign that indicate that 100 000 Systems are infected. According to the researchers, botnet uses same command and control server as the predecessor variant of banking Trojan do. A depth investigation into C&C server reveals that it has been active since March 6, 2018. At the starting of such a malware attack, hackers have used the low number of System infections and its primary objective is to deliver the customized version of Ramnit Trojan.

Most Notable Thing About Black Botnet

The interesting fact about the black botnet is that it locks the traffic between host and server using the RC4 cipher. This banking trojan is really very notorious and harmful for affected machine but you can identify it by using its distinct characteristics including :

  • It uses the hardcoded domain names.
  • Ramnit Trojan Botnet delivers another System malware like Ngioweb.
  • Automatically download several other and additional modules etc.

Characteristics of The Ramnit Trojan Botnet

Ramnit Trojan Botnet is invasive in nature that follows secret infiltration tactics to compromise PC. After getting inside the PC successfully, it creates a backdoor for the intrusion of another malicious malware such as spammers, key-logger and many more. First of all, it deactivates the furewall programs and pre-installed anti-virus application to avoid its detection and removal. It connects users PC with a remote server and allows hackers to gain control over the entire machine. Hackers can monitor and modify users browsing session and steal users all personal details. It regularly monitors users browsing history especially the online banking site to do fraudulent activities.

Remove Ramnit.gen.b From Several Version of Windows System

Other Harmful Traits of Ramnit Trojan Botnet

  • Drastically reduces the System and Internet working speed.
  • Permit hackers to access PC remotely.
  • Allow unauthorized access to confidential data.
  • Gathers users all personal data and forwarded them to scammers.
  • Makes several modification in browser, Syste, and crucial settinhs etc.

Transmission Preferences of Ramnit Trojan Botnet

The developers or con artists of Ramnit Trojan Botnet uses several transmitter methods to infect more and more System user. But usually, it spreads via spam email attachment that is masked as a helpful and legitimate looking message. A single click on any spam message will infect your PC. Besides, it can also compromise your Windows System when you update your software via redirected link, use any infected or hacked device, visit any hacked domain, update software via redirected link etc.


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