How To Determine and Reduce High CPU Usage in Google Chrome

It is not common for the Internet browsers to consume high CPU resources while you are running Java or Flash in one of your opened browser tab or more. Whenever you browse a specific web page and notice a sudden spike in CPU, then it is quite obvious that the opened website might contain malicious code. In case, if you are streaming videos on YouTube or Netflix, then it might possible that they are causing high CPU usage Chrome because these web pages uses extensions that are completely resource-intensive. Regardless of your online browsing activities, if Google Chrome consistently exhibit more than normal or high CPU usage, you need to update your installed browser, disable few certain plug-ins or uninstall extensions.

High CPU Usage Chrome

In worst case scenario, you should reset the program to its default settings to eliminate suspicious extension or issues like high CPU usage Chrome. Unfortunately, there are plenty of malicious or poorly coded extensions available over the Internet that are especially designed to target the Google Chrome browser which causes the program to use up high CPU resources or memory on an infected system. As a result, you may notice extremely slow performance of your Chrome browser and Windows system that might slow, freeze or crash all of sudden. In this kind of situation, if you open the Windows Task Manager on your computer, you will see high CPU or memory usage caused by Google Chrome.

Luckily, Google has included a feature in Chrome which is known as ‘Chrome Task Manager’ that allows the users to see how much CPU or memory resources a particular Chrome extension, web page or a process using. This method can be used to find any type of malicious extension or websites using high resources and needs to be uninstalled or avoided. In order to open the Chrome Task Manager, you need to click on ‘Settings’ button, then select ‘More Tools’ and then click on the Task Manager option as show in the picture provided below.

Once the Task Manager opens, it will display the complete list of all installed Chrome extensions, open Tabs, and processes that are currently being running onto the Google Chrome or used by it. For each and every entry, there will be complete information such as amount of used memory, CPU, their process ID and the activity of current activity.

Here, you need to find the extension or process name using high memory and CPU resources. After find the malicious process, select them and tap on ‘End Process’ button that will help you to reduce high CPU usage Chrome or memory resources in browser. So, you should browse the web carefully and only install those extension that doesn’t use much CPU power and other available system’s resources. If the malicious extension or plug-ins exist on your browser, then remove them as quickly as possible.

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