Researchers Reported Matrix Ransomware Acquiring Propagation Through RIG Exploit Kit

Being released at the end of 2016, Matrix Ransomware has been identified as a catastrophic malware infection which according to the malware researchers acquire propagation among user’s PC through the RIG exploit kit on sites generating malvertisements.

Researchers have reported Matrix Ransomware commonly targeting vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer (CVE-2016-0189) and Flash (CVE-2015-8651). Both these vulnerabilities usually rely on visitors utilizing unpatched as well as outdated versions of Internet Explorer and Flash Player. Users mostly became of the victim of this threat at the time when they pay visit to site including malvertisements utilizing a vulnerable PC. Thus, it has been referred very important for the users to install at the available security updates on a regular basis for their existing programs and operating system.

Matrix Ransomware once loaded successfully, contributes numerous awful issues in the PC. According to system security experts, this ransomware usually begins the implementation of several unethical practices via firstly grabbing complete control over entire PC and then altering it’s preset registry settings. Crooks mainly brought this alteration for enabling itself to grab persistence in the system. Threat moreover, besides from this, poses encryption operation onto the system’s files via making usage of a strong encryption algorithm. This encryption renders the victimized files completely inaccessible to the users. It while carrying out encryption operation onto the PC’s files, appends ‘[email protected]’ extension onto their respective ends.

Matrix Ransomware following the successful completion of the encryption procedure, generates a ransom note namely ‘#_#WhatWrongWithMyFiles#_#.rtf’ in the folders which were enciphered. It further releases a ransom screen providing information on what has actually happened to the files :

However, regardless of the fact that the released note appears 100% legitimate in nature, it is kindly suggested neither to trust the note nor to make any asked payment and instead only concentrate on the uninstallation of Matrix Ransomware from the PC since according to them it is the only measure possible to the liberation of system from all the afore-listed harmful traits.

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Healthy Measures To Protect PC From Being Victimized By Matrix Ransomware

  • Do not open attachments until being confirmed about the individuals which actually sent them.
  • Updates the security program existing in computer system on regular basis.
  • Utilize hard passwords and never utilize the same password at multiple sites.

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