Shade Ransomware Aims at International Targets

This post is all about one of the oldest ransomware named Shade Ransomware which also known as the Troldesh. First of all, it’s attack was noticed by security researchers in year 2014 against the Russian victim but now it’s aim to targeted victims Internationally. Recently, it’s attack is noticed against victims targeting Japan to USA.

Shade Ransomware Has Resurfaced To Attack Victims Across Globe

If you think that Shade Ransomware is only used to target the private Computer users then you are wrong because it can also compromises the corporate and industries entities. In the new international attack of this ransomware high-tech companies, educational institutions and wholesale companies are also included. There are several countries affected by this ransomware but Russia is one of the top 10 countries and is spotted at number 7.

Information of Updated Facts For Shade Ransomware

Shade Ransomware is not a new ransomware but this year means in 2019 at the end of January, this ransomware has resurfaced. The developers of this ransomware uses the phishing campaigns to spread across globe. This ransomware renewed the crypto malware attack and uses the malicious JavaScript attachment. It also installs Remote Administration Tool (RAT) after invading inside the machine.

Get Familiar With Attack Vectors of Shade Ransomware

Shade Ransomware is another dangerous member of the ransomware family that follows several deceptive distribution channel but mainly spreads via spam emails. In February 2019, this ransomware is used in the international spam campaign which includes a link to the legitimate looking file contains the instruction of JavaScript. Opening of any spam message or attachment may lead your device to Shade Ransomware. Another distribution sources of this ransomware are drive-by-downloads, pirated software, contaminated devices, hacked website, P2P file sharing network etc.

Working Mechanism of Shade Ransomware

After getting inside the Windows machine, it locks user files including databases, PDFs, documents, images, audio as well as video files, PDFs, spreadsheets and many more using AES-256 algorithm. Once performing the encryption procedure, it automatically modifies user’s desktop and drop a text file named README.txt that serves as a ransom note. The text file often informs user about the locked files. Ransom note is usually provided in 2 languages including English and Russian.

Detailed View of Ransom Note Displayed By Shade Ransomware

Shade Ransomware often uses 2 different method to deliver ransom note via Tor server and email address. In ransom note, it asks user to access anonymous web browser and follow the provided instruction to transfer money. But despite of this fact, user should not pay ransom money as it doesn’t provide you guarantee to deliver the unique file decryption service. For data recovery, you can use backup but to keep all data and PC protected for future, user’s must follow the Shade Ransomware removal guidelines.

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