SpriteCoin – A New Fake Cryptocurrency By Hackers To Scam Victims

Detailed Introduction To SpriteCoin

Being labeled as a cryptocurrency, SpriteCoin is actually just a scam designed by potent cyber crooks with the primary objective of lurking unsuspecting PC users into rushing towards the wallet app du jour without consideration.

Researchers have notified SpriteCoin being advertised on online forums utilizing cryptocurrency-themed spam. The homepage regarding the supposed cryptocurrency states the set forth message :

SpriteCoin Message

Majority of the users mostly trust all the made claims and thus download and run the executable. They then further on are asked to enter a wallet password. Following the successful setting up of the password, the ‘syncing’ steps do claims to be downloading the blockchain. However, as a matter of fact experts encourages not to trust any of the made claims, since in reality actually an encryption routine is running, and the victim’s Chrome as well as Firefox confidential stuff are being transferred to the attacker’s website.

According to cyber experts, crooks in the case of this particular scam of fake cryptocurrency, after the successful completion of the encryption procedure, generates a ransom note and displays it in a browser window informing victims of the occurred encryption and offering a decryption in exchange of a ransom fee. The ransom demanded in the case of this scam is .3 Monero (i.e., approximately equal to $97 currently).

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Expert’s Proven Paying The Ransom Does Not Releases The PC

Now since ransomware is not a recent developed malware infection, so assumptions are high that not every one will bow to the extorting and pay the asked ransom money regarding decryption of the enciphered files. However, if one thinks to do so, he/she is strongly recommended not to attempt any such measure as experts have clearly proven a payload (i.e., secondary malicious program) namely W32/Generic!tr being delivered to the system instead of the promised supposed key for required decryption.

Moreover, according to cyber experts, SpriteCoin scam has not been crafted just for money, instead it do includes capability of activating web cameras and parse certificates and keys which will likely leave the victim more victimized than ever before. This is very identical to when attackers tests to see how efficiently or fast a worm would propagate before really launching it. This might be the same concept.

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