The FaceApp Scare – Should You Be Worried About Your Safety?

Are you a user of FaceApp? Are you scared with this application and worried about safety? Want to know that FaceApp is safe or not? If your answer is affirmative for these queries then you must read this post till the end.

FaceApp – One of The Widely Used Image Editing Application

These days, FaceApp is hitting the headline all due to bad reasons and this is why almost every photos lover are talking about the FaceApp. It is an application that allows user to edit the pictures of people’s faces to see how they would look like when they would be old. If reports are to be believed the images might get stored on its server and subject to misuse. This can be serious breach of privacy. On the social media, about thousands of people are sharing their experience but since, it is a face editing application, so some of the users have raised the concerned over it’s related terms & conditions. Based on the terms & conditions, it’s can be noticed that the company of FaceApp developer takes the cavalier approach to user’s data but this app is capable to delete people’s images from it’s servers within 2 days of being uploaded on social media and other.

Detailed Information of FaceApp

FaceApp is one of the widely used image editing application in these days. If you think that it is a new application then you are wrong because first of all, it was in the headlines some 2 years ago with ethnicity filters. It has been purported to transform the peoples faces of one ethnicity into another. It can also turn the people’s blank as well as grumpy expressions into the smiling ones. To do it’s action, it mainly uses the artificial intelligence means an algorithm that take input photo of your face and then it adjusts based on another imagery. Despites of it’s advantages, the problem is that FaceApp uploads troves of pictures from their smartphones without asking for their permission.

Is FaceApp Really Safe?

It is one of the most frequently asked question by photo lovers and the answer is simply no with but. Yes, you heard absolutely right. It is not safer than other photo editing application that you are probably using in your day to day life. Technically, it is also not doing any suspicious thing in its network traffic or code. If you are worried about the FaceApp then you must know that there are dozen of apps available on your phone doing data mining. As per the in-depth analysis, expert’s revealed that the server’s of FaceApp is mainly based in U.S.Amazon data centers not in the Russian.

FaceApp Includes Copycats

In the Google Play Store, there are several great security malware than FaceApp. If you will search FaceApp on the Google Play then you might see several download options that resemble original one. Despites of being fun, it opens a door for hosting the risk of cyber security. If you have downloaded FaceApp to look old, younger or other phase then you should never allow it access to your picture whenever it asks. In case, if somehow you give it access accidentally or unintentionally then you can easily remove its permission in your phone’s settings. In short, FaceApp is capable to destroy the metadata of photos. So, you need to avoid using FaceApp if you donot want your privacy to be compromised.

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