Tips to Fix SVCHOST.EXE High Memory And CPU Usage Problem

SVCHOST.EXE is basically a mysterious process which the Windows OS comes with. Technologists have notified this process always running in the system’s background and utilizing enormous magnitude of CPU power. This huge amount of memory as well as CPU usage poses negative consequences onto the proper functioning of Windows OS. Thus, needs to get fixed quickly. Regarding fixation of SVCHOST.EXE high memory as well as CPU usage problem, it is advised to execute the set forth instructions as their implementation have been proven guaranteed working for the particular purpose. However, before having instructions on how to fix svchost.exe high memory and CPU usage problem, it has been referred very important for the users to have a depth knowledge of what actually the SVCHOST.EXE procedure does.


SVCHOST basically stands for ‘Service Host’. This does a specific task and executes in the background at all time whensoever Windows get started. This is actually the reason why users always see numerous SVCHOST.EXE processes running onto the PC at time when Windows Task Manager is opened. SVCHOST.EXE is a generic procedure which loads numerous other critical services regarding appropriate Windows operation. However, in several cases users have been notified complaining about SVCHOST.EXE, stating that it is hogging their CPU or memory resources without any apparent reason

Instructions on How To Fix SVCHOST.EXE High Memory and CPU Usage Problem

Solution 1 :

Firstly update the computer system via downloading all the latest updates from Windows website.

  • Download all the files from the website and then save them to the C:\drive.
  • Restart the system in safe mode. Regarding this, press F8 just before viewing the Windows XP logo and then choose ‘Safe Mode’.
  • Log on as ‘Administrator’.
  • Further go Start → Run, tap Browse button and all the files saved before, press Open and then OK.

Processes taking abundant CPU space might also get disabled.

  • Download the Process Explorer tool from Microsoft.
  • Following accomplishment of the downloading procedure, execute the exe file. Point out the mouse at the svchost process and the service running under that process will get viewed.
  • Find out SVCHOST.EXE high CPU usage procedure.
  • In a case if the process is not a Windows process, then simply ‘Kill Process’ and uninstall the program.
  • In a case if it is a Windows process, one can disable it via right-clicking on it from the Services tab > Properties and choosing Disables from the Startup drive.

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Solution B :

Hopefully the solution A will work on how to fix SVCHOST.EXE high memory and CPU usage problem, but in a case if not then in that situation it is strongly recommended to reinstall Antimalware program before running a full scan. This helps in ensuring that it has not been victimized by vicious programs.

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