Windows Start Menu Keeps Disappearing. How To Fix It?

Hello everyone, I am a Windows user from several years but yesterday I have faced with a serious issue. My Windows start menu keeps disappearing. I am really unable to work on my PC normally. Is there any one who can help me to fix out such an issue? If yes, please help me by providing effective suggestion ASAP.

Reasons Responsible Behind Windows Start Menu Keeps Disappearing

  • The procedure of the explorer.exe may have crashed.
  • The taskbar may hide at the bottom of System screen after being resized accidentally.
  • The taskbar may set to Auto-hide.
  • The taskbar may moved off of the visible screen.

Solutions To Fix “Windows Start Menu Keeps Disappearing” Issue

Step 1 : To fix “Windows Start Menu Keeps Disappearing” issue, first of all you should put your mouse pointer on bottom border of the screen. If the pointer turns into double-arrow, click and drag on upwards . But if your taskbar is not hiding at bottom of the screen, try to move mouse to right, left, top edge by looking for double-arrow.

Step 2 : Press and hold Windows logo key then after tab “P” key to bring the option of presentation display mode. After that be sure that you have choose “Computer Only” option. To toggle between options, use arrow keys of your keyboards and then after press on Enter key to choose correct display mode.

Step 3 : To bring up the Start menu, press Windows key on keyboard. Right click on taskbar and then choose Properties option. Toggle “Auto-Hide the taskbar” check-box and then after click on Apply button. If it is now checked, move your cursor to bottom, left, top or right of screen and taskbar will be re-appear.

Step 4 : Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc or Ctrl+Alt+Del key to open task manager. If explorer.exe is executing, choose it an select End Task before continuing on. Go to file menu and choose “New Task” option. In the appeared dialog box, type explorer.exe in order to restart the procedure.

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